Kluz International

Founded in 1995 by Ines Kluz, Kluz International Corporation is a leading distributor and service provider of CO2 laser engravers, Fiber Laser Marking and Engravers, Rotary Engraver,  Fume Extraction & Filtration systems, and engravable materials in the U.S.A. and Latin America.

Headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, Kluz International provides superior service, support and maintenance to customers in Southern California. and Latin America. Kluz offers solutions that are used to rapidly design, mark, etch and manufacture functional parts and products in a variety of industries including; Consumer Goods, Automotive, Medical Devices, and Packaging.

In the 2011, Kluz International opened its second office in Santiago, Chile to meet the needs and growing base of customers in South America. This office will provide immediate sales, service and support to Kluz’s clients in Chile and neighboring countries.

Superior Service, Support & Maintenance

Kluz International is fully committed to providing excellent, comprehensive support to customers worldwide. Kluz offers customizable and flexible support programs such as Support-on-the-Go and Help Me Kluz! that provide our customers with rapid, professional customer support.

Our services include:

  • Phone and remote support by Kluz International specialists
  • On-site support by factory-trained service technicians
  • Applications and materials support
  • Comprehensive training on-site and remote
  • Machine Installation

Our Commitment

At Kluz International we are dedicated to our customers’ and continuously look to incorporate new, innovative, and quality products in our portfolio of offerings. From engravers to engravable materials, we partner with leading manufacturers to provide products that enable customers, manufacturers and industrial designers to reduce cost of product development, products on-demand and shorten time-to-market of new products.

Kluz International is a Proud Distributor for:

UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS has been advancing the application of modern CO2 laser technology since 1988. R&D efforts have resulted in numerous patents, with several pending, in their continual pursuit to develop and enhance laser systems that benefit the customer. Universal Laser Systems’ R&D philosophy and execution is based upon designing highly modular platforms that can be easily configured with interchangeable laser power cartridges and field upgradeable system options. This robust system configuration capability, unique to Universal, gives customers the flexibility and investment protection to optimize laser systems as their business evolves.

Kluz International has represented Universal Laser Systems since 1995

BOFA AMERICAS, INC., a division of BOFA International, are market leaders in the field of fume extraction and filtration and have unrivalled expertise in the development and production of the latest solutions for a wide variety of industries. BOFA International (UK) Ltd was established in August 1987 and quickly became a leader in the field of fume extraction and filtration. With today’s ever increasing demand for low operating costs and the development of new materials, BOFA is constantly finding new methods to allow customers to protect both their employees and the environment, whilst reducing energy consumption and downtime

Kluz International has represented BOFA America since 2010


INNOVATIVE PLASTICS INC.® (IPI®) is a leading manufacturer of engravable plastics for laser engraving and rotary engraving systems. Their laser and rotary engravable plastics lines offer a wide variety of stone patterns and colors that range from speckled sands and granites to classic marble and wood grains rich in natural beauty as well as light linear. A wide range of metallic looks with advanced design and burst of brilliance, unique reverse engravable surfaces for exciting dimensional appearances, and a color environment that includes soft delicate pastels, elegant European hues, and a rich, vivid primary spectrum.

Innovative Plastics maintains the most advanced laboratories and workshops, with the finest quality control and research & development group in the industry. They have developed a line of engravable plastics after extensive in-depth studies of the currently emerging color and style trends within the design industry.

Over the past decade Innovative Plastics has compiled an extensive core of over 500 stocking products, readily available to meet the needs of today’s signage and engraving industries with quality, service, innovation and an uncompromising commitment to providing the perfect solution for any project requirement.

Kluz International has represented Innovative Plastics since 1995


FERRO has a tradition of serving customers all around the world. Since 1927, Ferro’s innovative performance materials have added value to a wide range of consumer and industrial products in a number of diversified end-use markets. Thousands of manufacturers around the world—including some of the largest and best known—rely on Ferro to ensure the improved performance of their products and processes. CerMark™ laser marking materials is a patent protected technology that delivers permanent marks on metals, glass and ceramic parts for a diverse range of industrial and manual applications, ranging from aerospace to the awards and engraving industries. Ferro works in partnership with CerLase and TherMark to offer a full laser marking package including technology licensing, integrated equipment solutions for industrial applications and CerMark materials.

Kluz International has represented Ferro – CerMark materials since 2003