Following you will find the most frequently ask questions: Customers ask about Kluz International / Universal Laser Systems / Laser Engravers

Who is Kluz International?

Kluz International is working to become your #1 resource for all laser engraving systems, service, and materials. For more information visit our About Kluz page.

Why should I buy from Kluz International?

Kluz International has the experience and systems knowledge to optimize the advantages lasers provide. We will work closely with you to select and install the appropriate laser engraving, cutting, or marking system for your business. We will also provide you with on-site training and assistance when needed. Kluz International is the largest distributor in Southern California and our facility is  equipped with different models for your review and testing. We also have spare parts for immediate delivery, and we can provide service to your systems when you need it.

What Kind of Laser Systems does Kluz International offer?

Kluz International is a proud distributor of Universal Laser Systems (ULS) and their wide variety of laser engraving products. With choices from 3 model lines – VersaLaser (VLS), Professional Series (PLS), and Industrial Series (ILS) – our customers have a number of size options, 16″ x 12″ to 48″ x 24″, to choose from. In addition to size, our customers get to choose their laser power and accessories to make their ideal laser system for personal or business use. View the variety of laser engraving systems we offer by visiting our Systems page. Additionally, Kluz International is selling Lotus Laser, a line of fiber galvo lasers for marking and etching in a wide variety of metals and plastics.

Contact our office for questions regarding used equipment, whether you wish to sell or purchase.

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What materials can ULS Laser Machines engrave?

Plastic, acrylic, coated metals, wood, glass, stone, leather, rubber, and most organic materials. CO2 lasers in this power range do not engrave bare metals but will cleanly engrave through paint and other coatings to expose bare metal.

What are the advantages of a ULS Laser?

  • Lasers are easy to use in a variety of profitable applications. What’s more, there are certain advantages to using a laser over other conventional tools:
  • Lasers engrave faster than many conventional methods.
  • The laser produces its engraved mark with a non-contact application, thereby reducing potential product damage and deformation.
  • The mark of a laser is permanent, concise, and clean..
  • Lasers can be used on most materials, including plastic, acrylic, coated metal, wood, glass, stone, leather, rubber, and many organic materials as well.
  • Lasers that engrave can also be used to cut through thin materials.
  • With the help of special optics, a CO2 laser can mark on some materials.

How much maintenance is required?

Periodic cleaning is the most common general maintenance. It is desirable to clean the two exposed mirrors and lens in the same way one would clean a camera lens. The moving parts and engraving table should also be wiped down. Periodic cleaning required less than 5 minutes. With periodic cleaning, most potential problems are eliminated. Other maintenance such as part replacements and adjustments have been minimized but when necessary can be accomplished by the machine operator on site with minimal down time.

What are the differences between the Universal Laser System engraver models?

We offer a wide selection of models because we work with a wide selection of customers. For those whom prefer to work with small applications and materials, our VersaLaser (VLS) desktop models make an idea choice. We also offer larger footprint models for larger applications from the VersaLaser Series(VLS). For higher production we like to recommend ther Professional Series (PLS) and Industrial Series (ILS). The ILS is highly recommended for extra large products and offers a pass-through capability for unlimited length. All laser systems can be fitted with several choices of laser cartridges and out larger models offer the most power with their double cartridge capacity allowing up to 150 watts of power.

What are the effective differences between the Laser Cartridge power options?

The laser cartridge’s power is what gives your work its full potential. ULS manufacturers cartridges from 10 watts up to 75 watts. Larger engravers, like the PLS and ILS, offer double cartridge capabilities allowing up to 150 watts of power. More power means better, deeper engraving and cutting depths. All our laser cartridge powers can be set to work with delicate items such as paper and fabrics but only the higher powered laser cartridges really work with hard products such as stones and plastics. That is why someone only wanted to cut paper and fabrics can purchase a less expensive cartridge with less power. Our customers never have to pay more for what they may never need.

How long does a Laser Cartridge last?

The laser cartridge from Universal Laser Systems comes with a 2-year warranty but that doesn’t mean the laser cartridges will last only 2 years. ULS laser cartridges are made to work well into 5 years of use with some cases lasting longer before needing to be re-charged. ULS is the only CO2 laser system manufacturer to engineer their own laser cartridges ranging from 10 watts to 75 watts. All ULS laser engravers and laser cartridges are manufactured in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What is the cost of recharging a Laser Cartridge?

ULS is the only CO2 laser manufacturer to engineer laser cartridges to power their laser engraving machines. Every laser engraver and laser cartridge is manufacturer and assembled in Scottsdale, Arizona which helps to expedite a laser recharge. The cost for recharging the ULS laser cartridge depends on the power level, but it’s the lowest in the industry. Contact our office to learn how to effectively recharge your ULS laser cartridge.

What should I do if I have a problem with my ULS Laser Engraver?

Easy. Call or email Kluz International, or complete our contact form. We can handle issues over the phone and/or send a ULS factory trained technician to find a solution to any issue.

Are the ULS Laser Engravers easy to use?

Yes! The Universal Laser Systems laser engraver is extremely easy to use and takes little time to learn. To use the laser engraver, our customers have the choice of which design software they would like to work with, such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, RHINO, and AutoCAD. Your design is then sent to the Universal Control Panel (UCP) where the operator can adjust power, speed, and other advanced settings.